Future of the Manor House

Gerald and Mairead Mackle, are the founders of Homecare Independent Living, one of the largest and most specialised Community Care providers in Ireland, employing over 1000 people. As residents of Milford, they acquired the Manor House in recent years and have pursued several ideas to try and find a sustainable long term use for the property. They have come up with a concept to create a retirement village which also incorporates additional land owned by them.

If successful, the site will have a number of suitable dwellings and a care home. The Manor House would therefore be restored as the central “Hub” of the village. This will be in keeping with the quality values of Homecare Independent Living which ensure care and support is provided to allow individuals to live independently.
If successful, the future plans of a retirement village at the site of Milford’s Manor House, will not only ensure the restoration of key buildings from Milford’s Heritage but also create a viable means of supporting it and its maintenance for the future.


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