School House

History of the School House


The owner of the Milford Weaving Factory, Mr R.G. McCrum had the foresight to provide a school for the education of his workers’ children, who were not yet old enough to work at the looms. A first page of the School Register for 1861 onwards shows its commencing date as a National School. The school began with well over 100 pupils and 2 or 3 or sometimes 4 teachers. The building, with its pleasant design of pointed gables, tessellation and wrought iron railings stands unchanged today, paying tribute to the excellent planning and building competence of that era.

In September 2011 the Old School House celebrated 150 years since its opening in 1861. It is a grade 2 listed building and is of significant historical importance to the village and the community. There have been many changes made to the building over the past 150 years. When it was first built as a school the long hall was partitioned off into three separate classrooms. The toilets were located outside.

When Aghavilly Parish Church purchased the building after it closed as Milford Primary School in 1982, the partitions were taken down to form one large hall. The church also built a kitchen onto the rear of the building.

Future of the School House

Old School House Today

Today the building requires a lot of work in order for it to efficiently serve the community. Although the building is structurally sound there are other issues with need to be addressed. The 1861 roof is in a poor condition and the ceiling and roof of the kitchen also need to be replaced.

The building has not been rewired since electricity was first installed in 1930’s although the church and later the MCDA have added wiring as the need arose. The building also requires a new heating system as poor insulation and a lack of heat have contributed to the falling usage of the Old School for community activities.




The Redevelopment of the Old School House

Milford Community Development Association and the iCare Charity have joined forces to host an annual “Fun Day” in the grounds of the Manor House, Milford, Armagh. The money raised will be used to help restore the “Old School House” which acts as the Community Centre for all in Milford.

When it is restored, there will be plenty of community activities there including:

  • An older person’s luncheon
  • Dance hall
  • A coffee area
  • Room for Pilates and yoga
  • Mother and toddler groups and lots more...


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