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1864 - 1915

Milford House designed and built by Robert Garmany Mc Crum. The first house to have hydroelectricity, it was the most technically advanced in 19th century Ireland. It was built with six bathrooms, three walled gardens, seven glass houses and even had a waterfall in the dining room!! Architecturally unique, it was built with 90% mass concrete and is the only known house in Europe to have plasterwork designed by Rudolph Steiner. Mr. McCrum sadly passed away in 1915.



In 1915, the house was left to Robert McCrum's son, William McCrum (who invented the Penalty Kick rule!). William McCrum suffered financially with the Wall Street crash in 1929 and the decline in the linen industry, as a result the contents of the house were auctioned. Following William's death in 1932, the property passed to William's sister, Mrs. Harriette Miller.


1936 - 1940

During this time, the house was leased to Manor House School and became a country house residential school for girls.


1940 - 1965

Mrs. Miller sold Milford House and 40 acres of the estate and parkland to Manor House School for £3,000. The house remained a school for 29 years until its closure in December 1965.


1966 - 1988

Manor House School then sold the house and estate to Northern Ireland Hospital Authorities, it then became the Manor House Special Care Hospital. The hospital then closed in 1988.

1996 - 2002

Armagh City and District Council purchased the house in 1996. In 2002, Gerald and Mairead Mackle purchased the house and are the current owners. They completely restored the Gatelodge in 2010 and made it a key part of their "iCare" community fundraising project which supports local and national charities and worthwhile causes. (www.santasgatelodge.com)

In 2011 they renovated the Pavillon and prepared the grounds to host the local Milford Community Fun Day. Click here to read more...

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